Life Saving is the core of the surf club. As a club, we are responsible for the patrolling of the beach and the safety of hundreds of thousands of beach goers every year. 


You won't only learn life long skills but, also make life long friendships. The Alex Surf Club is not just a club but a community. Anyone can apply to be a lifesaver and we provide you with all the skills and training required to save a life!


Becoming a Lifesaver

To become a Lifesaver you will need to Join Alex and gain your Bronze Medallion (Certificate II in Public Saftey Aquatic Rescue) or Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). Throughout both of these courses you will learn skills in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, emergency care plus anatomy and physiology.

The SRC and Bronze courses run for 6 and 8 weeks respectivley, for approximately 6 hours each day. Once you have completed your course sucessfully you will become an avtive member and be able to patrol the beach.


Be involved without a Bronze

We also have a number of courses that are avaliable if you would like to patrol the beach but don't want to complete your Bronze or SRC. These include your Observers Certificate, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation (ART).

You will need to join the Alex Surf Club and register for one of these courses. To do so please cotact the Administration Office here.

Become an Alex Lifesaver Today

To become a lifesaver at Alex you must first join the Alex Surf Club which you can do by following the link below (STEP 1)

Once you have joined Alex and paid for your membership you can register for a Bronze or SRC course (STEP 2). 

If you would like information regarding any other course we run you can contact the Club office here.


Skills maintenance sessions are now complete for the year

According to SLSA policy, members who are not proficient as of 31 December are not permitted to patrol, or compete in any SLSA competition, until they have obtained the required proficiency. That means if you did not attend skills maintenance, your awards will expire on 31st December.

You can check your awards (including CYRMS and Child Safe Awareness  via the SLSA members area (navigate to memberships > awards). Click here to access the SLS Members Area User Guide.

Application for late skills maintenance  

If you were unable to attend skills maintenance complete the following two forms:

  1. Late skills maintenance request. If you have evidence that supports, your request (e.g. medical certificate) please include this.

  2. Timed pool swim. Signed by swim coach or assessor.

Return both to the club office before 10th January as this requires processing and endorsement at club and branch level (email to . 


Late proficiency date for approved requests will be set based upon assessor availability.

Skills Maintenance (proficiency) 2021/22

Each year all active lifesavers are required to complete a skills maintenance (proficiency check) to demonstrate competency in the lifesaving award(s) they hold and in which they wish to remain current. Members who are not proficient at 31st December are not permitted to perform patrols, operate rescue craft or compete in surf life saving competitions.

Who needs to complete skills maintenance?

All members who were proficient in the 2020/2021 season must complete skills maintenance. Awards: SRC, BM, Observers, Radio Operator Certificate, ART, RESUS, IRB Crew, IRB Driver. Please note that if you gained your award after 30 June 2021 then you are not required to attend a skills maintenance until the following year. 


Note: Members who were not proficient in 2020/2021 will need to complete a timed pool swim prior to attending skills maintenance. This must be completed by an endorsed delegate and returned to the office click here to download the form

What is required for skills maintenance (proficiency) this season?


You will need to complete the following:


  1. Pay and renew your membership for 2021/22 (access via SLSA members area) Also check all your details are correct and up to date (e.g. driver's/marine licence, email address, etc.) via the SLSA members area (login then click memberships > update your personal details).

  2. Hold a current Blue Card (if aged 18 years or older) click here for online Blue Card submission instructions. If you have questions about Blue Cards please email

  3. If you hold a Blue Card you must complete two modules (i) Child Youth Risk Management Strategies (CYRMS) induction and (ii) SLS Child Safe Awareness Course. These are both completed online via the Members Area click here for instructions on how to complete these 

  4. Read the 2021-2022 SLSQ skills maintenance bulletin click here to open this

  5. Complete the online theory (watch the video) and assessment (answer the questions) click here for instructions

  6. Enrol into a practical face-to-face skills maintenance assessment event click here for instructions on how to enrol


Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue training manual 35th edition (PSAR35)

You can refresh your knowledge on all things surf life saving via the online Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue training manual 35th edition (PSAR35). This comprehensive educational resource provides key information and some great instructional videos and images.


In case you missed it: The PSAR35 is available online. You can purchase the PSAR35 manual from the SLSA Members Area Online Store for $10.00 then access it via the SLSA Publications app on your device anywhere, anytime. Click here for instructions.

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