About surf life saving

Surf life saving is the core of the surf club. As a club, we are responsible for the patrolling of the beach and the safety of hundreds of thousands of beach goers every year. The lifesaving patrolling season commences on the first weekend of the September school holidays and continues every weekend and public holiday through until the first weekend in May.


There are many ways you can be involved and it is a great way to give back to the community, make friends and learn new skills.

Surf live saving offers members so many opportunities and you can find out more here.


Becoming a Lifesaver at Alex

To become a fully qualified surf lifesaver on beach patrol you will need to join Alex and gain your Bronze Medallion/Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue). 

The Bronze Medallion is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia. As a Bronze Medallion holder you will have the required skills and knowledge relating to surf awareness, rescue techniques, radio communication, CPR and first aid.

You are responsible for patrolling the beach and ensuring that the public remain safe, and may be called upon to perform rescues on the board or with the tube, as well as execute preventative actions.

The Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) is a stepping stone towards gaining a Bronze Medallion and provides participants with basic skills and knowledge of first aid, rescues, and CPR, enabling them to patrol as part of a patrol team. This is the perfect pathway from junior activities to patrolling ranks or for parents/guardians who wish to act in the role of water safety personnel during nipper programs, sports carnivals or training.

Course schedules and entry requirements are on our website Lifesaving > Lifesaving Courses

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Be involved without a Bronze

If you would like to patrol but do not wish to enter the surf, there are other options such as First Aid Officer or Radio Operator. The SLSQ Observers award is required in addition to your first aid or radio certificate. 

The Observer award is an entry level award. The Observers course is required for Nipper adult assistants and Junior activities age managers.

You will need to join the Alex Surf Club and register for one of these courses. For more information please contact the Alex Administration Office.

Join Alex

New members are always welcome to join. For new members go here to join the Alexandra Headland SLSC. Existing members can renew their membership each year via the SLSA members area.


Skills maintenance (proficiency)


All active lifesavers are required to complete a skills maintenance (proficiency check) to demonstrate competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold and in which they wish to remain current.

Skills maintenance sessions are now complete for the 2021/2022 season

According to SLSA policy, members who are not proficient as of 31 December are not permitted to patrol, or compete in any SLSA competition, until they have obtained the required proficiency. That means if you did not attend skills maintenance, your awards will have expired on 31st December 2021.

You can check your awards via the SLSA members area (navigate to memberships > awards)


Members please make sure all your information is current

SLSA Members Area User Guide 

(this page last updated 27/04/2022)

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