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Alex Beachside Kiosk boast the best seat on the beach, offering a variety of food and beverages to kickstart your day. Here's what to expect:


Surf Sports competition provides members with the opportunity to refine and practice their lifesaving skills in the competition arena at a local, state, national and international level.


There are disciplines to cater for everyone’s interest. From swimming to board or ski paddling, surf boat competition and beach events


The club is proud to provide professional coaching to all competitive members.


Compete with us!

To be eligible to compete in any Surf Life Saving Australia competition for the Alex Surf Club:

1. All fees must be paid and up to date.

2. Have obtained the minimum required qualification (Either a Surf Rescue Certificate (Juniors) or Bronze Medallion).

3. Meet all patrol hour requirements, according to your membership category

Active members must have completed a minimum of 25 hours of patrol in the preceding calendar year.

4. Have met competition eligibility qualification requirements. For example IRB, Surf Boat (sweep), Patrol Competition or First Aid.

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