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Community Education

The Alex Surf Club has been running its community education program since 2002.


The program aims to provide community members including tourists, the skills and knowledge to interpret the ocean and the variable conditions they may encounter.

Breakfast Options:

You can start your day with a Grinders coffee and one of our signature brekky wraps. Or grab yourself some crispy bacon and eggs, perfect for a hearty breakfast.

Visitors can enjoy the sunrise, breathtaking views from Mt Coolum to Mooloolaba, the soothing sounds of the ocean, and the refreshing sea breeze while at the enjoying your morning coffee.

Opening Hours

The kiosk is open every day. They start serving coffee as early as 5.30am and offer food from 6.30am until 2pm.

Citrus Fruits

Daily Specials:

Freshly baked scones with jam and butter are available daily. This is a delightful option for those who love scones. We also offer fish and chips, fresh or toasted sandwiches, and fruit smoothies.

If you're in the area and looking for a beachfront spot to grab a meal or coffee, the Alex Beach Kiosk is the place to be.

Friendly Staff

The kiosk is known for Tom and his friendly team, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all our visitors.

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