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About Us

Founded in 1924 with 32 dedicated members, the club has come a long way over the last 100 years, expanding its membership significantly over the years. From a small shed, the club's facilities have grown, reflecting the increasing popularity of Surf Lifesaving along the coast. With over 500 active lifesavers and an equal number of young members (nippers), along with the support of life members, nipper parents, and long service members, the Alex Surf Club has become a thriving community organisation. Moreover, the Supporters Club, with a membership base of over 50,000, demonstrates the widespread community support for the club's mission and activities. The club's commitment to the importance of Surf Lifesaving and its focus on community engagement are commendable. It's wonderful to see how the initial group's dedication in the 1920s has led to the establishment of a vibrant and inclusive club that continues to serve its community and promote the values of Surf Lifesaving.

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