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The Alex SLSC "Nippers Club" was established on the 14th July 1968 as an initiative by a number of 'old boy' parents of the Club.

Nippers is a great way for kids to not only to learn how to identify dangers on the beach and in the surf but also how to stay safe when they are at the beach. Nippers are the lifesavers of the future.

The minimum age for a child to join nippers is 5 years (U6) up to a maximum of 13 years (U14). The age for the season is determined as of midnight on the 30 September at the commencement of that season.

Nipper Sundays:    Start:   730am - 930/10am

U6/7s Green Caps Start:   8am - 930am

These sessions are all dependent on water safety, weather conditions, program, etc, with a break over the Christmas holidays.
Nipper events include wades, board paddling, swimming, beach sprints and beach flags.
Our "Greenies" (U6s and U7s) focus on fun and games on the beach which teach the children basic skills and awareness of where to swim and what help is available from the lifesavers.

U8 - U14 Nippers can also compete in local carnivals several times during the season and we encourage children to do so (to test their skills in a new beach environment and enjoy representing their team) but this is not compulsory.

All of our Nipper Age Managers, Water Safety and Coaches, are all volunteers and are extremely qualified lifesavers themselves, so they teach based on their experiences across patrolling, competing and just enjoying the surf. 

Assistance is always required with the beach set-up and pack down and the fundraising BBQ, which is manned by the parents of a different age group each week.


Welcome to 2023/2024 Alex SLSC Nipper Season

Nippers for the 2023/2024 Season is open for registration with the first day being 17th September.


Mandatory Uniform:  Alex Togs, High Vis Vest, Noddy Cap (Coloured for age group)

Bring:  Hat, Goggles, Water bottle, towel.

Under 6's meet on the grass - everyone else go down to the beach, find a flag with your age group on it (or look for the other nippers with the same colour cap).   When you arrive - your parent liaison will be there to greet you.  All nippers must be signed in and signed out.

In this first few weeks Nippers will be participating in Ocean Swims during Nipper Sundays.  Don't stress about these, many children may be nervous and we will work with them to get through.  Under 9+ MUST be attending pool swimming regularly to enjoy and be able to make the most out of nippers.  Parents are welcome to use the cans within the patrolled area to experience the feeling for themselves but should not enter the water where the nippers are training unless they have a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze and are registered on the water safety register.

SERIOUS SUNSCREEN - 50+ invisible zinc/Surf Mud or Natural Glamour over Zinc on face.   Nivea Sport or similar 50+ to body.    Do not underestimate the water reflection - All nippers must wear suitable sunscreen.

We can't wait to meet you all - see you at the beach!!

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Nippers for the 2023/2024 Season is open for registration, we encourage children to attend as early as they can in the season.

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Seahorse Nipper Program

The Seahorse Nipper programs is designed for children with special needs to get the nipper experience. Come along and learn beach and surf skills with qualified lifesavers at Alex. Seahorse Nippers runs at 9am to 10am on the following dates at Alex Main Beach TBC.

Seahorse Nippers
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