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“We ask that you please keep safe and always swim between the Red and Yellow Flags.”

Life Saving

Alexandra Headland Beach is patrolled by our volunteers throught summer from September until May, keeping our beautiful beach safe for the Alex Community and for visitors.



Nippers is a great way for kids to not only to learn how to identify dangers on the beach and in the surf but also how to stay safe when they are at the beach. Nippers are the lifesavers of the future.

Surf Sports

Surf Sports competition provides members with the opportunity to refine and practice their lifesaving skills in the competition arena at a local, state, national and international level.

Team 5

Community Education

The Alex Surf Club has been running its community education program since 2002.

The program aims to provide community members including tourists, the skills and knowledge to interpret the ocean and the variable conditions they may encounter.

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