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QLD Surf Life Saving Championships

What a great time was had by all last weekend at Tugun SLSC!!!

The Club came 4th overall and 2nd on Handicap for the U17 - Seniors while the Masters were 2nd overall and 1st on Handicap which are awesome results for our Club.

Well done to all who competed and thanks to all the coaches and volunteers as it takes a family of people to get these results.

If I had to name some highlights it would be;

Open Women’s Taplin - Gold, Open Men’s Double Ski - Gold, Under 17 Ironman - Gold, Under 19 Female Double Ski - Gold, 160yrs Surf Boat - Gold, Alex Innes under 17 Beach sprint - Gold and Mia McWilliam’s Under 19 Beach Flag- Gold and the Open March Past Team - Gold.

This is just to name a few off the top of my head, which shouldn’t diminish everyone that competed and everyone that got a result they were happy with. There was plenty of bad luck which goes with racing but in my years at Alex, everywhere I looked I saw 100% effort which is all we can ask for. Another highlight was Ethan Parish volunteering at the last minute to crew in the IRB and getting burnt to a crisp but with no complaint, that’s what this Club is about.

Thank you to all our officials and water safety and thank you to the ‘Duck’ who I got meet on Sunday.

Hopefully we can all do this again in a few weeks, Go Alex.

Ashley Robinson

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