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Charity of the Month

From 1 September 2023 we will be supporting a local charity each month.

Kick starting this with Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast who are an entirely self funded charity. They carry out life saving work with local Wildlife in need.

There aim is to educate the local community about what to do if you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

Car Kit for Wildlife Rescue

  • Towels (of various size to wrap up small animals)

  • Pillowcases (could be used as a substitute pouch)

  • Box (cardboard box or plastic basket)

  • Torch

  • Disposable gloves

  • Pen & paper (to write down location of where animal was found)

If you come across an orphaned, sick, or injured animal or bird and you can safely contain it, make sure you keep it warm and take it to your nearest vet or call your local wildlife group immediately for help.

I've hit an animal with my car, what should I do?

  • Pull over and stop your vehicle where safe to do so

  • Check your vehicle thoroughly for animals that may have become trapped

  • Call your local wildlife group or RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL they will advise you what to do while you wait for help

Throughout the month of September you will be able to donate into our money tins at the Foyer or Beachside Kiosk and on Saturday 16 September 2023 $1 of every coffee sold at our Beachside Kiosk will be donated to Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast. We look forward to sharing this and helping towards the amazing work these guys do!

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