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What can I say! The Alexandra Headland youth group really do know how to make Camp Commando entertaining! We had an amazing turn out with 20 participants, 2 leaders, 1 mentor and 1 camp coordinator.

We started off the week with a few quite ones in the groups as they weren’t with any of their Club mates, but gee, by the end of it we couldn’t keep them quiet (which I guess is a good thing). I know I’m now speaking on behalf of the u14/u15s, but I think they made friends for life from clubs all around the Sunshine Coast. We all had a blast, every time I looked at the Alex participants; all of you were smiling and laughing, except for meal time where there were a few fussy eaters.

To the u14s and u15s, thank you for being so well behaved and respectful. You guys represented our Club with honour and I’m not being biased or anything, but we defiantly were the best club there!

I personally enjoyed spending the week with the Alex crew and I hopefully will see you all apply to be a part of next year’s camp commando.

Chloe Silva

Youth Officer

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