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2021 QLD State Board Riding Championships

The 2021 SLSQ - QLD State Board Riding Championships were contested on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th January at Miami Beach Gold Coast.

Alexandra Headlands SLSC had a total of 37 Competitors.

The quality of surfing this year has stepped up to a new level.

SLSQ has moved to the “live heats”, electronic heats and judging programme. The event ran much smoother than previous years by not having to wait for any paper tallying. SLSQ also had an announcer which made the event much more exciting as live scores were being announced throughout the heats also allowing competitors in the water to know how they were placed.

Saturday’s conditions deteriorated throughout the day with strong winds making conditions tough.

Sunday conditions were great with the swell staying around the 2-3-foot range with light offshore winds for most of the day.

Many of our competitors made it through to quarter and semi-finals.

Alex Medal Tally

4 Gold

1 silver

3 Bronze


Riley D Thomson: Gold Medal Male Open Long Board.

Serena Bond: Gold Medal U14 Female Short Board

Tilda Thomson: Bronze Medal Female Open Long Board.

Nicky Carter: 4th U12 Male Short Board.

Mackenzie Sharpe: 4th U13 Female Short Board.

Lilly Thomas: 4th U14 Female Short Board.

Koby Sharpe: 5th U11 Male Short Board.

Taite Richards: Gold Medal U15 Female Short Board

Maggie Tapp: Bronze Medal U15 Female Short Board

Tom Fabiani: Bronze Medal U15 Male Short Board

Millie Allwood: Silver Medal U17 Female Short Board

Summer Rolston: 4th U 17 Female Short Board.


ALEX finished tied for second in Overall Point Score with 53 points. Great effort. 👏👏

Ryk McCarthy

Board Riding Captain

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