Member Update - COVID-19

Alex team,

Our club has received an update from SLSQ in regards to the current internal operations for support and information. Please find this update for your information.

In regards to our continued patrols of our Beach, it is business as usually and your patrols and roster remains unchanged with the added caution of the following guidelines:

  • Take care of yourself and others in regards to the added precautions and procedures for this current environment. We have a responsibility to ensure we do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in our community

  • Ensure we are following the advice from our health experts and if you have any doubt that you may be at risk please do not present yourself to patrol and stay at home and seek medical advice as per the procedures set out at please advise your PC if you are unable to attend your rostered duties.

  • Exercise caution where possibly when dealing with the public and seek assistance from your Patrol Captain or Life Saving Office should you require.

I want to thank you all in advance for your understanding and corporation to fulfill the clubs patrolling responsibility and for you valuable volunteering.

Thanks all and as always call if needed.

Sam Archer Honorary President

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