Lifesavers Putting their Hand Up

Lifesavers Putting their Hands Up

When people in the water put up their hand, we jump into action and go to their assistance. Over the last six months, this has been happening in reverse! The club has put out a call for assistance and 66 lifesavers and friends have put up their hands to help out. I don’t have records prior to the last six months, but we want to thank those 66 people who have given up a few – or in some cases many – hours of their time to help out with the last four events:

Jess Baird

Ben Day

Lex Heilbron

Al McHugh

Phil Perren

Jason Tinnock

Shane Baird

Kylie Dickie

Kristy Holmes

Briony McSwan

Mark Purvis

Dave Townson

Dennis Berry

Jackie Eat-Sinc

Terry Howard

Molly Megson

Sam Rawlings

Chris Vorbach

Dave Birch

Jeff Ebsworthy

Annabelle Kelly

Scott Millar

Poppy Richards

Brad Wall

Adrian Blandford

Ken Eldridge

Jane Kelly

Tim Minnett

Dana Robertson

Pat Watt

Lindsay Brain

Allie Elphinstone

Warren Kelly

Paul Murphy

Ty Robinson

Hayden Williams

Matt Briggs

John Feekings

Matt Kluck

Rod Nak

Janelle Ryan

Andrew Buhk

Mystery female

John Lawrance

Scott Nichols

John Scott

Connor Buhk

Sharon Garrick

Sonita Leng-Cole

Andy Ovenden

Cameron Scrase

Declan Buhk

Candice Gillies

Mystery Male

Emma Partington

Chloe Silva

Paul Clair

Neil Grimshaw

Michael Mayfield

Millie Partington

Linda Thornton

Matt Cleverly

Brydon Halliday

Jackie Mcgregor

Fiona Pelly

Mark Thornton

These events often raise valuable funds for the club but they also require quite a few hours of work setting up and pulling down. In a few weeks we are hosting Nippers State and a week later, the Open and Masters State. These are the biggest events of the year for Alex and we are asking you to put your hand up to help, especially on the weekdays when many people are unavailable.

So, grab a friend and put both your hands up to help!

Please click on the following link to volunteer for State Nippers Carnival Workforce on

17 – 22 March.

Please click on the following link to volunteer for Open and Masters Carnival Workforce on

24 – 29 March.

Thank you

Mark Thornton

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