Youth Star of the Month - December

As we commence the Patrol season, we are implementing a new initiative to inspire and recognize our Youth and the incredible work they do in our club.

Any member of the club is welcome to nominate a youth member (13-21) for being an inspiration, a hard worker or a genuinely great club member. These forms are available from the office or the Patrol Trailer.

For the month of December, the Winner is Jacob Dickey. Jacob recently completed his bronze course over the first week of the school holidays where he used initiative, mentored others and was respectful to all trainers, assessors and other people completing the course. In addition, Jacob is increasingly becoming more and more involved in the club by completing his patrols, training more, being supportive of other club members and team mates, and helping out around the club where he can. For those who know Jacob, he was quite reserved shy and didn't want to be a partake in many activities. Over the past year he has come out of his shell and shown to everyone that he is one of our upcoming and future leaders. Furthermore, for a kid who hated training and competing, he now rarely misses a session, enjoys competing and is starting to get results (Including making the QLD Youth pathways team!!). Last but not least - look at that body transformation! Keep up the good work Jacob!!

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