From the President and CEO - DECEMBER

The last month has been pretty hectic with our wonderful volunteers keeping the beaches safe, our competitors doing great things on the beach and in the water and a busier than normal few weeks leading up to Santa’s big day.

While the dry period has been horrendous for our country the prolonged dry period has been particularly good for business. A couple of highlights of the last month has been finally getting a trial period approval for the new deck outside the Bluff Bar.

It should be noted that alcohol can only be consumed there from 4pm -10pm Friday-Saturday and Sunday which is not ideal but is still a great asset for the club and the community many thanks to the council.

Last Wednesday saw a food truck extravaganza in the southern car park to raise money for Hope within Reach which is a fabulous charity lending a hand in the community, it was a great event and has given me some ideas about future events.

Thank you to member Phil Sinclair who initially hooked us up with these guys a few years ago where the club has supplying roast dinners on a Monday night to the not so fortunate.

This club continues to amaze me, thank you for a great year, hug your family and friends and have a great holiday.


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