Surf Life Saving - Training and Assessment

It has been a busy start to the season for our trainers. Whilst many may see the skills maintenance sessions as time out of our valuable day these sessions are designed to be efficient and easy way to pass on valuable information to our members and ensure we are all up to date and meeting the minimum standards for the coming season 😊

To date this year we have conducted and processed the below skills maintenance sessions between August and December.

  • 388 Bronze Medallion

  • 40 SRC

  • 55 Silver Medallion IRB Driver

  • 110 IRB Crew Certificate

  • 134 Resuscitation

  • 148 Radio Operator Certificate

  • 78 ART (AID)

As well as this our trainers have been busy up-skilling and training new members to help us all on the beach and in the water…we have

  • 48 New Bronze Medallion

  • 15 IRB Crew

  • 5 IRB Driver

  • 68 SRC

All this work would not be possible without the tireless work of our volunteers – Sue Della Bianca and Anita Moore have both conducted 2 x FA/ART courses in their own time over the last few months.

Chris Vorbach and Lex Heilbron have completed 2 x IRB Crew courses and 1 IRB Driver course upskilling more members with the help of Jeff, Mark, Connor and Terry.

Our trainers and endorsed delegates have gone above and beyond in the last few months to ensure our Skills Maintenance days have been well supported – a big thanks to Richard, Troy, Michael, Peter, Cath, Mark, Phillip, Greg, Steve, Sue, Chris, Lex and Anita as well as Shane Baird, Shane Peterson, Neil Grimshaw and Dave Mayfield. Special thanks also to those that have facilitated Bronze and SRC Courses – Anita, Troy, Richard and Shane.

And finally a big thank you to all our members who cooperated with the new skills maintenance days.

It is big task to get upwards of 400 members upskilled in a short space of time and we have done it for another year. Please keep an eye out for the feedback survey that will be out shortly so you can provide your thoughts for what we can improve on next year 😊

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