From the President and CEO - November

Who are we? We are Alex!

Welcome all to our November club update and what a fantastic month it has been for the Alex family. We have seen some great achievements across the entire membership with many members’ upskilling awards, gaining outstanding results in competition’s and even managing to take some time out to help people that need support and assistance with the recent storms and fires. Well done to everyone.

We wanted to take some time this month to reflect on the dedication and effort of our members that have been involved in the recent disasters and emergencies that have been knocking on our doorsteps and in some instances - knocking down our doors (literally). We are all so very fortunate to have members involved in all our emergency services areas that not only assisting the general public but also supporting our own Alex family above and beyond.

So this month we wanted to say THANKYOU to YOU from all of US at ALEX.

Your committees are working hard to ensure the club is running seamlessly and here are couple of updates on what is currently being looked at:

  • The Solar project is still under due diligence and BOM will be deciding on the right options for the club at our next BOM meeting in December.

  • The Supporters Committee is investigating the possibility of a minor upgrade to the layout upstairs and possibly looking at a refresh sometime in the New Year.

  • Your Life Saving Committee is almost through the Skills Maintenance process and hard at work making sure we have the current equipment available to patrol our beach. It’s a big job so please look after what we have so we get as many years as possibly from all our valuable equipment.

  • Our magnificent Supporters Staff are gearing up for the festive season with many functions and events planned for the coming months. If you are having a celebratory drink in the club make sure you say hello to the staff.

As with an organisation as large of ours we have many other projects underway which require many volunteer hours from many people. It’s appreciated and valued.

Until next month.

Who are we? We are Alex!

Sam Archer Ashley Robinson

Honorary President CEO

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