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Thanks and admiration is extended to all Sunshine Coast Clubs on the efforts of the water safety provided to the junior carnivals across this past weekend.

Below is an email shared with the Branch to extend the efforts made and no doubt express the thanks and admiration of many Nipper parents for the efforts of the volunteer Water Safety and IRB Crews over the weekend carnivals.

This effort is a collaboration of many clubs across our region and we also extend our thanks to the host Clubs: Maroochydore; and Noosa for, from all accounts, some very successful carnivals.

I just wanted to commend everyone involved in the weekend’s carnivals, particularly Saturday at Maroochydore and particularly Water Safety.

Those conditions on Saturday were really tough, by everyone’s accounts. The officials had a stressful job keeping track of who was in the water, who was actually competing in which arena and wrangling strung-out parents and age managers, including myself. But by far the most demanding role was played by the water safety people who basically performed countless rescues of exhausted and sometimes emotional kids, in water full of young competitors and in large, rough and windy surf conditions. Apart from anything else, it would have been physically and mentally exhausting.

I was talking yesterday to Phil Ashworth who told me about the challenges of driving an IRB during Saturday’s carnival – having a few kids already in the boat and having to take into account the waves and sweep and the bobbing heads in the water to try to get out to another one.

Even while standing on the shore trying to spot my own child and keep down the rising panic, I clung to my faith in the people in the water, whilst marvelling that they were able to both see the kids and get to them. I don’t think we get enough chances to thank the patrolling members throughout surf lifesaving who take on water safety roles for nipper activities for their skill, physical commitment and care for our precious children in a dangerous environment. Of those roles involving working directly with the children on the beach, theirs is by far the most onerous, responsible and physically demanding.

Would you please pass my thanks on to our own water safety people and to someone who can also pass it on to those in other clubs? Not just for last Saturday but for all activities, every week. Without them, nippers isn’t possible.

Marg McGrath


Gerard O'Brien


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