As we commence the Patrol season, we are implementing a new initiative to inspire and recognize our Youth and the incredible work they do in our club. Any member of the club is welcome to nominate a youth member (13-21) for being an inspiration, a hard worker or a genuinely great club member. These forms are available from the office or the Patrol Trailer.

For the month of October, the Winner is Chloe Silva.

Chloe was an integral part of the SRC course run for our U14 members. She organised course work, trained and encouraged our youth members to both succeed at the skills they were learning while getting the most enjoyment from it. Chloe was also one of our leaders at the U14 Straddie Camp. It was extremely exciting to see her take charge of her group and not only lead by example but inspire her group as well. Chloe was extremely respectful, encouraging and determined to see our youth succeed as new Life Savers. We thank you for the extra effort you put in and we’d like to congratulate you for being our Youth Star of the Month!

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