Alex March Past Team NEEDS YOU

Alex march past team is in need of new members. We need new members to bring our squad numbers up so that we have a full team at training, together with several reserves.There is no requirement to be a bronze holder, the only qualification needed is to be proficient in CPR, which we update at the beginning of each season.

An ability to be able to march and keep in step with the music is an advantage, but not a necessity. Our coach, Dennis Berry will train you up to standard. We train on Thursday afternoons at 5.PM and afterwards we retreat to the balcony for a bit of bonding.

Over the years Alex march past team has proudly represented our club and enjoyed considerable success, winning many medals at Branch, State and National level.

While we take our training and competition very seriously, we still enjoy the mate ship and social side of representing our club.

Please consider joining our team. You will be made feel most welcome.You can contact Dennis Berry on 0408 713 183 or myself on 5444 4152,

Ben Day.

March Past Captain.

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