Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry

Hope you have all noticed the new clock located on the roof of the Surf Club. We would like to say thank you to Peter Jorgensen from Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry at Alexandra Headland.

Peter has been involved with Alex Surf Club for a few years with multiple staff and clients being a part of the Surf Club. When asked why Alex? Peter said

"Alex Surf Club is one of the biggest volunteer organisations on the coast and is located just down the road from us. We love what you guys do, what you stand for and wanted to be a part of it. We wanted to give back to the Alex community and couldn't think of a better way."

A lot of people have commented on the convenience of having the clock in place. So how did the idea come about?

"Ashley and I were having a conversation about how we could help the club out. We discussed a few ideas but the one that stuck was the clock. Apparently a few people had mentioned over the years how a clock would be convenient for people at the beach or out in the water. We liked the idea and thought it would be a good bit of advertising for us as well. Since the clock has been up I have had a lot of people message saying thanks for the clock and what a good idea. We are happy we could help the Alex community out."

Again, thank you to Peter and the Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry crew for your ongoing support and the new clock!

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