President and CEO Post – Who are we? We are Alex!

Welcome all to August, what is happening to the year? In no time at all we will all be back on the flags and into our patrolling routines.

This month we wanted to give everyone a short update on a few projects going on in the background and to ensure we are all up to speed with how our club is moving towards becoming a greener and more sustainable organisation.


The BOM in conjunction with our clubs key Senior Management Team are currently working together on investigating ways to install a substantial solar energy system on the club which will bring savings to our electricity expense. This is a large program and process with some substantial work already completed and we hope to be able to move towards becoming a greener and cleaner club over the next 12 months.

New Decking

The SCC is well advanced on the new community decking to the North of the Bluff Bar which is very exciting and will enhance the landscape and facilities for the general public visiting the area. It’s looking great.

Mari Street

We continue to explore possibilities and opportunities in regards to our land at Mari Street and together we are in consultation with leading industry experts and consultants as to the best and ultimate use of this property. It is a huge focus of your BOM that we ensure that the end use of this land is both beneficial to the club, its members and the Alex community. One of our key focuses is to ensure sustainability and future income sources that will support our key Life Saving services and allow for growth and future prosperity.

Club Facilities

Getting closer to the start of the patrol season we see members all working hard to get the club ready for this busy time. If you are around the club training, socialising or even just walking past please respect our club and ensure others are doing the same. After all, it is our second home.


Keep an eye on the clubs foyer for some exiting promotions and chances to win some great prizes and don’t forget to spread the word to everyone that the Alex SLSC is the place to relax, unwind and enjoy some great times.

Surf Girl Ambassador

Sonita has made a great start to the Summer Surf Girl fundraising program and if you have not already done so please jump onto Instagram and show your support at all the fundraisers and events that will be coming up this season.

Until next month.

Who are we? We are Alex!

Sam Archer Ashley Robinson

Honorary President CEO

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