QLD State and Aussie Pool Rescue Championships

QLD STATE TITLES - 2019 Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. 20th and 21st July. 8th Overall.

We had a team of 24 athletes in age groups ranging from U12s, U13s, U14s, U17s and Masters contest the State Pool Rescue Championships. For some it was their first State competition, they took it in their stride and competed to the best of their ability with some great results. For the other more seasoned competitors, they just got in and got the job done, also with good results. We had a good mix of teams in the younger age groups, fielding teams in all the line throws, patient tows and relays. Below are the medallists from the weekend.

Melissa Siller Silver -100m Manikin Tow with fins.

Barb Roker Silver - 200m Obstacles. Silver - 100m Manikin Tow with fins

Lani Pallister Gold - 100m Rescue Medley, Gold - 200m Obstacles, Gold - 100m Manikin Tow with fins. Gold - 50m Manikin Carry. Silver - Open 50m Manikin Carry.

Mixed Masters 4x25m Manikin Relay - Silver Barb Roker, Ryk McCarthy, Andrew Parish, Ty Robertson.

AUSSIES 2019 Gold Coast Aquatic Centre 9th, 10th and 11th August. 23rd Overall, 3rd Queensland Club. 7th in the Masters Point score.

A small team of 14 competitors, 9 Nippers and 5 Masters headed to the Gold Coast for 3 days of racing, again with great results.

Bronze - Line Throw - Henry Simpson / Regan Jason.

Silver - 100m Patient Tow with Fins - Anias Jones / Eliza Parish.

4th Line Throw - Ethan Parish / Leo Wood.

Barb Roker Gold - 200m Obstacles. Silver - 100m Manikin Tow with fins. Gold & Australian Record - 50m Manikin Carry. Silver - 100m Manikin Carry with fins.

Ty Robertson Silver - 100m Manikin Tow with fins. Bronze - 50m Manikin Carry. Bronze - 100m Manikin Carry with fins.

A Massive Thanks to Janelle Pallister for coaching us again this season, I know that you have had a very busy schedule with swimming and your coaching career this season, but we all really appreciate your time with us. A HUGE Thanks Again to Renee Pickering for all the behind the scenes work you put into our team, carnival entries etc. I couldn't do it all without you. I would also like to thank all the parents and grandparents for your continued help all season, whether it was carrying gear, putting up tents or time keeping, you all have it sorted before I even have to ask. A BIG shout out must go to Dana Robertson for her help with time keeping duties on Friday, she wanted to help out and drove down to the Gold Coast in the morning, she did 7 and a half hours of time keeping, and then drove back home to the Sunshine Coast, Thanks Dana. Thank you to our officials, Lorraine Buhk, Bronwyn Champness, Karen Scotney, Santo Della Bianca and Dave Swanson, they are long days on pool deck and we appreciate your time officiating and looking after us. Last but not least, thank you to our competitors, you all raced to the best of your ability and I am proud to be one of your Team Mates as well as your Team Manager. I have had so many laughs and fun with my fellow Masters competitors, not only in the pool but under the tents as well. You are all a great bunch of people to be associated with and I am looking forward to seeing all of you back next season.

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