2019 Surf Sports Awards Night

Congratulations to the following members on their success at the recent Surf Sports Awards night.

Rookie Surf Rescue Award

Jessica Williamson

Most Outstanding Junior Surf Rescue Competitor

Levi Penn

Most Outstanding Senior Surf Rescue Competitor

Annabelle Kelly

Most Outstanding Junior Pool Rescue Competitor

Jessica Oates

Most Outstanding Senior Pool Rescue Competitor

Lani Pallister

Most Outstanding Masters Pool Rescue Competitor

Gay Bradley

Rookie Beach Competitor

Bailey Ratcliff

Most Outstanding Junior Beach Competitor

Jayden Marshall

Most Outstanding Senior Beach Competitor

Mia McWilliam

Beach Coach’s Trophy

James Brown

Boat Captain’s Award

Dusty Hill Wines – U23 Men

Lachlan Craven, Luke Handley,

Alex Killey, Hayden Tanis,

Sweep – Stephen Davies

IRB Competition Driver of the Year

Trent Cannon

IRB Competition Crewman of the Year

Mitchell Pickering

Most Outstanding Junior Boardriding Competitor

Millie Allwood

Most Outstanding Senior Boardriding Competitor

Sammy Lee

Grommie Award

Riley Thomson

The Eddie Award

Piper Loweke

Most Dedicated March Past member

Dennis Berry

Most Dedicated R&R member

Karmen Fullagar

Most Outstanding Male Official

Graham Kidman

Most Outstanding Female Official

Nicole Antoniolli

Team Managers Award

Tiarrn Raymond

Coach’s Award:

Peter Doughan

Warren Kelly

Ashley Robinson “Black And Gold” Award

Levi Penn

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