Rescued Family, the Richards, donates funds to the Alex SLSC

The Richards Family are just your normal family on holidays from Melbourne, however they experienced how important it is to swim between the flags. During their visit to Alex SLSC on their holiday they were all swimming between the flags when a strong sweep pushed all four of them into a rip and began to take them out to sea. Not accustomed to our beach conditions and waves, the Richards Family began to be swept out further to sea and started to signal towards the life savers for assistance. Because they were all inside the flagged area they soon had a jet ski and qualified life savers assisting them and getting them all back to shore safe and sound. Whilst I was on patrol over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Jon, Erin, Arthur (10) and Reggie (8) who shared their story with me and wanted to thank the Club and its members for our service and lifesaving skills.

So glad to be able to talk with people that have had the benefit of Surf Life Saving programs and systems. The Richards Family have generously donated $200 towards the clubs Life Saving Activities for which we are very grateful.

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