Aussies 2019 - 2nd Overall

Wow is all I can say about the Aussies last week starting with our Youth Titles where our relatively small team punched above their weight followed by same same when our small Masters Squad had a fantastic few days of competition. Of course our legendary Champion Lifesavers did it again as well as our Patrol Competition Team all doing the Gold and Black proud. Our tiny surfing team took all before them and then we swung into the senior competition where if I said Alex Chicks rule it would be an understatement both in the water and in the beach events as well. Our boys battled hard on the beach in the boats and all the water events in big conditions and when they all came back together on Big Sunday it was a spectacle that I think made everyone from this great Club proud in the way our competitors, our volunteers, our coaches and our extended Alex Family contributed. Not forgetting our officials and our water safety, a big thanks to everyone, it was history making, which is a massive statement considering the club has been around for 95 years.

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