Lifesavers Lifesaver - Camp Commando

The lifesavers lifesaver is an award presented to one participant at the Sunshine Coast Branch Camp Commando. The participant is selected by the leaders, mentors and camp coordinators based on their actions throughout the entire camp. We look for a participant that encompasses all that lifesavers should aim to be: a team mate, a leader, a kind and caring person and, most of all, someone that never gives up and never stops enjoying themselves.

This year one of our incredible cadets, Neve Underwood, received this award. Neve was highly regarded by all of the leadership team. She never stopped enjoying herself, backing herself and her team mates, and getting the most out of everyone around her. Evie was also a top 3 nominee. Both of these participants did themselves and the club incredibly proud with their participation in all activities, in the way they lead their teams, in taking everything they could from all of the activities and in just being themselves

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