Annual Dinner 2018

The Alex SLSC annual dinner is always a fantastic event and great way to get together and celebrate all of the amazing acheivments throughout the season. Sticking to the formal theme again this year we once again had some stunning outfits. Packing the Supporters Club bistro with 240+ members this was a great night for all.

This year we had a new host of high acheivers who where recognised for their outstanding efforts and contributions to Alex and it's future.

Lifesaving Awards

  • Life Saver of the Year (Dr Trotter Cup) - Kate Thornton

  • Best Patrolling Member (The Wilkes Family Trophy Shield) - David Birch

  • Most Outstanding Patrol Captain - Neil Grimshaw

  • Bill Buhk Most Outstanding Cadet - Keely Elphinstone

  • Bill Buhk / Len Jackson Most Outstanding Junior - Annabelle Kelly

  • Best Club All Rounder - Chris Vorbach & Lex Heilbronn

  • Most Outstanding Member (Bill Croft Memorial Shield) - Jackie McGregor

  • Instructor of the Year (Dennis Smallcombe Trophy) - Troy Devine

  • Most Proficient Rostered Patrol (Fred Murray OBE Shield) - Patrol Team 8: Douglas McKinnon (PC), Ty Robertson, Kyle Aimer, Ron Aimer, Tekara Aimer, Olivia Bowker, Isabella Clarke, Noah Ebsworthy, Cassidy Elphinstone, Keely Elphinstone, Robert Elphinstone, Letitia Fox, Bryce Groen, Tayla Halliday, Bianca Heilbronn, Braedan Jason, Nathan Jason, Vincent Jason, Lucinda Kelly, Thomas Manca, Jayden Marshall, Thomas McCabe, Hayley McCarthy, Ryk McCarthy, Storm McIlveen, Tyson McIlveen, Patrick McNally, Mia McWilliam, Rodney Nak, Bronte Naylor, Emily Parker, Natalie Parker, Neil Parker, Peta Parker, Dana Robertson, Jack Rogers, Tylah Shanahan, Bayley Wilmot

Surf Sports Awards

  • Most Outstanding Under 15 Competitor - Tayla Halliday

  • Most Outstanding Under 17 Competitor - Lani Pallister

  • Most Outstanding Under 19 Competitor - Cooper Williams

  • Most Outstanding Open Competitor - Jett Kenny & James Porter

  • Most Outstanding Team - Lifesaver Relay: Rebecca Davis, Brigette Seymour, Robyn De Vlugt, Kirsty Whitby, Steve Davies (Sweep), Thomas Baker, Jett Kenny, James Porter & Cooper Williams

  • Most Outstanding Masters Competitor - Tamiel Benjamin

  • Kirsty Munroe / Grant Kenny Award - Lani Pallister

Other Presentations

  • Presidents Medal - Ant Williams & Steve Davies

  • Life Members Youth Scholar - Chloe Silva

  • New Life Members - Peter Duffy, Doug Mckinnon & Sharon Garrick (2017)

There were also a number of special mentions throughout the night. Peter Doughan was thanked for driving from the Sunny Coast to Perth for the Australian Championships.

And Connor Buhk for putting his had up to help the Open Patrol team after one of thier members was injured and was unable to complete.

We look forward to another great season in 2018/2019 and look forward to seeing all the achivements in next years Annual Dinner :)

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