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Alex Boaties

Alex hosted the first round of the Qld Cup sponsored by BP Wessel petroleum. Jr men, both Colts crews and the 220 masters competed. The 3 under age Alex crews made the combined U19/23 men final with the H&H 23 men winning the final with the Dusty Hill colts 4th. It should be noted that the Jrs finished higher on the point score than both colts crews😃, but couldn't race in the final due to illness.

The 220 masters finished 5th. On Sunday the Short course was run with the only crew able to compete from Alex being the Dusty Hill Wine colts. They were combined with the Open men and had 5 races in testing and exciting surf, there was no point score kept as we started the day with 22 crews and finished round 5 with 3.

The picture below is that of the Dusty Hill Colts. Thank you to everyone who made this an exciting weekend, the praise from other clubs about our members help and organisation insures we have this event next year.

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