• Ashley Robinson

Lifesaving World Championships Adelaide 2018

Dear Members and Supporters,

Just a short note to thank our members and loyal customers at Alex SLSC where we had a fantastic Lifesaving World Championship in Adelaide from 16th November until 2nd December. The Club took a relatively small team of 45 plus support staff and volunteers that represented the club in Youth, Senior, Masters, IRB and March Past and had some wonderful results. A total of 15 medals in the interclub competition and 11 medals in the International

Competition where our own Lani Pallister 9 Gold and 2 Silver representing Australia with a World Record included and a massive 19 medals over the course of both competitions. In the World Interclub Championships Alex now has World Champions in Youth Board Rescue Tayla Halliday & Emma Woods, 200 m Obstacle Swim Lani Pallister, Line throw, Lani Pallister & Tiarn Raymond, Open Women’s Ski Race Aly Bull, Open Women’s Surf Race Lani Pallister, Ocean Woman Relay Lani Pallister, Olivia Heaton, Aly Bull, Tiarn Raymond and Mixed Ocean Relay Cooper Williams, Olivia Heaton, Aly Bull & Liam Farrelly.

There were many other wonderful results gaining Silver and Bronze but also some great efforts by the small team as the competition was not all about medals but about the sport and international camaraderie which none of which could be done without the support of our members, loyal customers and sponsors of the Club. This event is held every two years and some of our members both young and old are already planning for Italy in 2020. Once again thank you from the team from the Black and Gold where everyone one that supports our club in some way are part of the fabric that makes Alex SLSC the Club that it is.

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