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At our recent AGM, the continuous and exceptional contributions that two of its senior members have made over many years was acknowledged by the club by awarding Life Membership to Peter Duffy and Doug McKinnon. These gentlemen have distinguished themselves by offering their unique services to Alexandra Headland SLSC voluntarily and with a dedication that accompanies Life Membership and we congratulate them.

Peter’s contribution includes: 14 consecutive years on the management committee, 10 of these years as president, 12 consecutive years on the Supporters Club Committee, 10 years as Branch Councillor, 8 years as President of the Supporters club committee, 17 consecutive years as a patrolling member and overseen 5 significant renovations to the surf club and the supporters club.

Doug’s Contribution includes: 19 years distinguished voluntary service,19 consecutive years patrolling, club committees – 2001 to 2009, march past team 2008 – 2017, PC 15 years, age manager nippers 6 years, nipper march past coach three seasons, Sea Horse Nipper Volunteer three seasons, Cadet Officer 2006/2007,Youth Officer 2007/ including development camps, social events, skill development, mentoring of youth for patrolling and leadership roles, member of the work force at numerous events at Alex over the past twenty years, participant in fundraising activities and Surf Rescue Appeal week collections continuously, introduced many new members to the joy of ski paddling, board paddling and swimming and has always provided fun and mentoring on patrol, clearly obvious by the 40 members who choose to patrol with him.

This year’s Life Member’s Youth Scholarship 2018 was presented to Chloe Silva by Club President, Peter Duffy, and Life Member, Kristy Ellis, at our recent Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation.

This award is in recognition of outstanding lifesaving efforts and contributions clearly demonstrated above and beyond the expectations of a member under 18 years of age. The life members promote the personal and surf lifesaving development of youth in the club by recognising and supporting leadership and excellence in its younger members.

Considerations for granting the scholarship included; patrol hours, awards gained, camps attended, positions held, club representation, and ambitions and goals within surf lifesaving. Many nominations for this award were received this year and a panel of senior club members recommended Chloe’s participation and achievements be acknowledged with this honour. She is a truly deserving member and a fine example of what continues to make Alexandra Headland SLSC so great. Congratulations Chloe!

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