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How Alex Began (the short version)

In 1923 a small group were talked into joining the Mooloolaba Surf Club and gained their still water and surf qualifications shortly after. Realising the importance of Surf Lifesaving a public meeting was held on the 24th of July 1924, the small group that had recently joined Mooloolaba Surf Club left to start the Alex Surf Club.


There were 32 foundation members of the Club, the majority of which were active lifesavers. The Club house, a shed at the time, was built in the first year and has expanded significantly since then. As the Club expanded so did the popularity of Lifesaving across the coast particularly in the 70’s and 80’s where interest in competition was growing.


Today we have over 500 lifesavers, over 500 nippers, another 1000 which include life members, nipper parents and long service members and this doesn’t include our Supporters Club with a membership base of over 50,000. Alex has always been a community Club and we pride ourselves on carrying that reputation into the future.

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