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Sharon Garrick joined the Club in 1996 and gained her Bronze Medallion in 2001. She initially became involved as an active nipper parent and was awarded the Club’s Long Service Award in 2014. She has been an active patrolling member since 2001 and has been a tireless worker for the Club helping with numerous functions, fundraisers, annual dinners and nipper activities since joining. During the period 2003 to 2007 Sharon won a Bronze Medal in the Australian Masters Championships Taplin Relay, also winning medals at Branch and State in Masters competitions. Sharon won the Club Best All Rounder Award in 2004 and received the Best Patrolling Member Award in 2004 as well as being the recipient of the Club Most Improved Competitor in the same year.

Sharon was awarded Life Membership in 2017 for her hard work and services to the Club.

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