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Peter White gained his Bronze Medallion in 1995 at the Moore Park SLSC and joined the Alex Club in 1999. He has had a very active involvement in the active lifesaving, training and development for the Club since joining. He was Club Captain from 2010 to 2012. His contribution has been considerable, particularly in training and education and active patrol duties.  He was named Club Life Saver of the Year in 2009 and was the Sunshine Coast Branch Volunteer in 2002 and National Volunteer of the Year in 2003.  Peter has been awarded the SLSA President’s Medal in 2012 and the ILS Citation of Merit in 2003.  He was named the State Coach of the Year in 2008, received a State Lifesaving Excellence Award in 2012 and was a recipient of the Clive Hammond Silver Medal in 2013. 


For his services at State level he was award Life Membership of SLSQ in 2013.  He has been a member of various State and National committees and boards relating to youth and lifesaving generally.  Peter has been largely responsible for the success of the Alex Patrol Teams and Champion Lifesaver events at Branch, State and Australian Championship level.

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