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Any closer to the beach and you'd get sand in your togs

Any closer to the beach and you'd get sand in your togs

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All active patrol members are required to complete annual skills maintenance tests for Bronze Medallion/ Surf Rescue Certificate and other relevant awards under the direction of an SLSA Assessor/Facilitator.

The online skills maintenance theory modules are now available through the new SLSQ e-Learning Platform

You will need an Alex SLSC specific code that was emailed to all members in an attached PDF. If you didn't receive this please contact the office for assistance.

Once complete you will get a certificate which you must print or save as you can't access it after you close it. You MUST complete the theory paper before your practical assessment of skills maintenance and either email a copy to the office or bring it with you on the day.

Members MUST be financial for the current season BEFORE attending a skills maintenance. The CTO and Admin Team cannot process the skills maintenance paperwork until you are a financial member.  Remember you can renew and pay for  membership via the Members Portal.

Skills Maintenance Dates - click here

Register by 7.45am, 8.00am start time.

What you MUST bring and do on the skills maintenance day:

SIGN ON - if you do not sign the registration sheet, you will not be recognised as being proficient.

Senior Pool Swim Assessment Form (if you were NOT proficient last season) Patrol Cap (worn inside out during skills maintenance as the red and yellow is only for patrol use)
View the skills maintenance bulletin and complete the Theory Paper in full - if you are not using the online system.

Skills Maintenance Bulletin - click here

Skills Maintenance - click here

Late skills maintenance Request Form - Please contact the office or Club CTO

IRB skills maintenance 

Sat September 17th, 2106

Sun October 9th, 2016
Sat November 26th, 2016

Sun December 18th, 2016

Skills Maintenance is necessary to:

Ensure on going competency of lifesaving personnel in their area of training and activities.
Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of lifesaving personnel
Satisfy legal and statutory requirements.
Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of lifesaving personnel.
Reinforce and maintain our service and commitment to the community requirements.

The Bronze skills maintenance Paper can now be completed online. If you don’t have
a computer with internet access or don’t wish to complete the
skills maintenance paperwork online there will be hard copy print outs
available at the Club office.

For Online skills maintenance instructions see above.

Prerequisites from Bronze and Surf Rescue Certificate skills maintenance:

Must be a financial member of the Alexandra Headland Surf Life Saving Club for the current season.

Pool Swim - Only if you did not do proficiency the previous year
SRC: 200m pool swim (in a pool of no less than 25m) within 5 minutes
BM: 400m pool swim (in a pool of no less than 25m) within 9 minutes
The pool swim must be completed PRIOR to the surf components of the skills maintenance.

Run/ Swim/ Run – Distances taken from waist deep water:
SRC: 100m run / 100m swim / 100m run
BM: 200m run / 200m swim / 200m run

Theory Paper - Complete a skills maintenance paper (must be marked 100%). 

Signals - Members are to demonstrate all SLSA signals – Refer to Signal Assessment Card.

Board Rescue (Practical) - SRC and BM holders are to complete a board rescue.

Tube Rescue (Practical) - SRC and BM holders are to complete a tube rescue.

Carries/Supports (Practical) - BM holders are to demonstrate all carries & supports (including the use of the spinal board).

Resuscitation - Members are to demonstrate a patient assessment on a live patient and demonstration of the lateral position. CPR on a manikin is to include resuscitation using a mask and oxygen therapy for BM holders. 

Radio Operations - All members are to demonstrate the following radio procedures:
Radio check/ Status report/ Morning sign on/ Rescue in progress – mass rescue/ Emergency evacuation procedure – DMC in patrol area.

Patrol Scenarios - Members will participate in patrol scenarios that will incorporate board and tube rescues, carries (including the use of the spinal board), patient assessment, use of appropriate communication equipment to call for assistance and the simulation of appropriate first aid or resuscitation.

Any member who is not proficient, or has not completed appropriate awards shall not be allowed to:

Perform patrols or water safety
Operate rescue craft or
Compete in lifesaving competitions
Access the gym